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Pet License - St. Paul

Why license your dog?

  • It's a Free Ride Home: When a dog is found wearing its license, St. Paul Animal Control Officer attempts to reunite the dog with its owner for free before bringing the dog to the animal shelter.
  • Your Pet is More Likely to Get Back Home: Dogs wearing licenses are much more likely to get reunited than pets without identification, and more quickly than pets with only microchips!
  • Prompt Veterinary Attention: If your pet is found injured, or is lost and needs medication, a dog license makes it more likely that the dog will get proper care right away.
  • It's the Law: Saint Paul requires dogs to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed once the dog is over three (3) months old to support healthy and safe communities.
  • It Helps other Animals. Dog Licenses help pay for: o Sheltering and feeding lost animals while they are at animal control. o Educating the public about responsible pet ownership. o Reuniting animals and owners, or finding new homes for animals.

You can pick up a first time dog license right here at Maryland Avenue Pet Hospital!

Proof of current Rabies vaccination is required for license.

Is your dog spayed, neutered or microchipped? Then your dog is eligible for a lifetime dog license. Click on the link below to complete the lifetime license application.

City of Saint Paul New (First Time) Dog License Application

*All license renewal information will be mailed directly from St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections.

For questions, please call #651-266-8989.