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Pet License - St. Paul

Why License your dog?

  • It's a Free Ride Home: When a dog is found wearing its license, St. Paul Animal Control Officer attempts to reunite the dog with its owner for free before bringing the dog to the animal shelter.
  • Your Pet is More Likely to Get Back Home: Dogs wearing licenses are much more likely to get reunited than pets without identification, and more quickly than pets with only microchips!
  • Prompt Veterinary Attention: If your pet is found injured, or is lost and needs medication, a dog license makes it more likely that the dog will get proper care right away.
  • It's the Law: Saint Paul requires dogs to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed once the dog is over three (3) months old to support healthy and safe communities.
  • It Helps other Animals. Dog Licenses help pay for: o Sheltering and feeding lost animals while they are at animal control. o Educating the public about responsible pet ownership. o Reuniting animals and owners, or finding new homes for animals.

Resources & Requirements

You can pick up a first time dog license right here at Maryland Avenue Pet Hospital!

Proof of current Rabies vaccination and a valid driver's license is required for a dog license.

For More Information

City of Saint Paul New (First Time) Dog License Application

*All license renewal information will be mailed directly from St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections.

For questions, please call #651-266-8989.