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Heartworm Disease and Lyme Disease, What You Need to Know.

Heartworm Disease:

Did you know that there have been positive cases of Heartworm Disease in all 50 states?  It only takes 1 infected mosquito to transmit Heartworm to a dog.  Heartworm Disease is a potentially fatal disease in pets caused by worms that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels of affected pets.  Heartworm Disease causes lasting damage to the heart, lungs and arteries and can even affect a dogs quality of life many years after the parasites are gone.

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Prevention is the best option!  Because of the serious nature of Heartworm Disease and the unpredictable temperatures in Minnesota it is recommended that prevention be given year-round.  

Before prevention is given testing for Heartworm needs to be done.  It takes at least 6 months before an infected dog will test positive.  The guidelines for testing are as follows:

Puppies: Under 6 months can start prevention at 8 weeks of age but need to be tested at 6 months of age.

Adults: Dogs over 6 months of age and not previously on a preventative need to be tested before starting preventatives.  All dogs should be tested every 12 months even if they are on a year round preventative.  If a dose is given late or missed there is a chance of contracting Heartworm.

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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is transmitted by the deer tick.  Transmission occurs when a tick has been attached to a dog for an extended period of time, typically 24-48 hours.  Lyme Disease can either be acute in which symptoms show up very quickly after infection or it can be chronic and not show symptoms for quite some time.  The most common symptoms seen are joint stiffness, swelling and lameness.  Lyme disease can also cause kidney disease in severe cases.

Lyme Disease Prevalence | Maryland Ave Pet Hospital | St. Paul, MN 55117 | Veterinarian
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Lyme Disease is very prevalent in the Midwest and has in recent years been diagnosed more often in the inner city areas.  Prevention is possible!  By using a combination of a vaccination and flea and tick preventative Lyme Disease can be prevented!  Because the tick is required to bite before a flea and tick preventative will kill it there is still a possibility of transmission which is why for maximum prevention both the Lyme Vaccine and a flea and tick preventative should be used.  We recommend using flea and tick preventative year round.

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