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3 Benefits of Having a Feeding Schedule For Your Pet

Published 10/13/16 by Maryland Avenue Pet Hospital

Ever wonder how your pet knows exactly when you are going to be home, how they are always waiting at the door for you?  Dogs especially seem to have an internal clock and are very content with having a routine.  Having a regular schedule can also be very comforting and help your pet feel more secure.  Most people live by a routine so it only make sense that pets have one too!

So what are the benefits?Feeding Schedule | Maryland Ave Pet Hospital | St. Paul, MN 55117 | Veterinarian

1.  If your dog eats on schedule they will pee and poop on schedule:
 This is especially beneficial for puppies as it will ease the process of house training.  

2. If your pet isn't feeling well you will notice much earlier:  One of the first signs of your pet being sick is they stop eating as much or at all.  Knowing when and how much your pet normally eats will alert you to when there is a decrease in appetite.

3. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight:  Pets who are fed on schedule and measured amounts are much less likely to become obese then those who are free fed.

If your pet is not used to eating on a schedule you will want to get them used to eating at set times.  After you measure your pets food, place the bowl for them and allow them 15-20 minutes of time to eat.  After that time has passed take up the bowl regardless of whether they ate all the food or not.  You should split the total feeding amount allowed into 2 portions, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.  Soon your pet will learn that they will need to eat all of their food at once.

Making sure that you are measuring the food is key as well.  All bags of food have feeding amounts listed on them, these should be used as a guideline.  If you are unsure how much to feed your pet please contact us for assistance in determining a good feeding amount.