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Dental Cleaning

Dental health is so important in pets. Besides bad breath, tooth loss, and oral pain, infections of the mouth can cause kidney, liver, heart and nervous system disease.

The doctors and staff at Maryland Ave Pet Hospital thoroughly evaluate the oral cavity during your pet's annual physical exam. Occasionally, a dental cleaning under general anesthesia is recommended. We have modern equipment including ultrasonic scaling and dental imaging that will optimize your pet's oral health. After a thorough cleaning, home care including brushing teeth and feeding dental specific diets, may be recommended.

Before Dental Cleaning

After Dental Cleaning


Oral Radiographs

Our Doctor will fully evaluate your pets mouth during an oral exam and may recommend dental imaging to determine any potential issues that need to be treated. What we can see of teeth tells a great story about a pets dental health.  However, utilizing dental imaging can help us determine if there are any issues below the gum line.

This dental image on the right shows us a fractured root under the gum line.  With only an oral exam it would appear as a missing tooth only. This demonstrates the importance of dental imaging.